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Developer: Gigasoft
Specifications: Version adds full unicode support, new core vector rendering engine, additional gradient styles and export formats, improved image and text export, and end-user printing functions.
Requirements: Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Limitation: Gigasoft prompt within image
Operation system: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
Price: $2399
License: Free to try
Version: v6.0.0.62
Downloads: 3579
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Fired when the user clicks a horizontal line annotation. All interfaces included for a variety of development platforms. ProEssentials is a charting program development tool consisting of five charting components: Graph Object, Scientific Graph Object , 3D Scientific Graph Object , Polar / Smith Object , Pie Chart. ProEssentials is a highly tested (distribution in the millions) robust commercial-grade charting library with an extremely simple property interface.

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The solution to boost speed and smoothly handle large data-sets. A serial number(cdkey,product key,etc) will unlock the program as. Напишите что-нибудь о себе. Не надо ничего особенного, просто общие данные. When RenderingType is set to ActiveX, this property points to a secondary server page (i.E.

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Note both ProEssentials v7 and v8 setup EXEs have been installed as both v7 and v8 are showing within the list of controls. Image 1 / 6 ProEssentials comes in three variations: Pro and Standard. Server-side deployment allows placement on one production server, one test server, and one development server.

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Software piracy is theft, Using crack, password, serial numbers, registration codes, key generators. Like the Graph, Scientific Graph, and Polar/Smith components, the Pie Chart component has vertical scrolling capabilities which allow the user to scroll through subset information. The Graph and Scientific Graph controls are designed to help your users assimilate their data. Delivering depth in features via each of the following interfaces: ProEssentials is accepted as the leading charting software development tool for engineering, manufacturing, financial, and handling larger data-sets due to ProEssentials’ superior speed, quantity of features, and attention to rendering and end-user detail. Having the option of sending some cells to a Subset and others to our Annotation features will allow for full creativity with the ProEssentials product.

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Pego1.MainTitle = “” Pego1.SubTitle = “” Pego1.PrepareImages = True Pego1.CacheBmp = True Pego1.AntiAliasGraphics = True Pego1.AntiAliasText = True Pego1.RenderEngine = PERE_DIRECT2D Pego1.BitmapGradientMode = True Pego1.QuickStyle = PEQS_LITE_SHADOW Pego1.DeskColor = Pego1.PEargb(255, 255, 255, 255) Pego1.FixedLineThickness = True Pego1.SubsetLineTypes(0) = PELT_MEDIUM_THICK_SOLID Pego1.FontSize = PEFS_LARGE Pego1.FontSizeGlobalCntl = 1.8 Pego1.FixedFonts = False Pego1.TextColor = Pego1.PEargb(255, 160, 160, 160) Pego1.SubsetColors(0) = Pego1.PEargb(140, 0, 0, 220) Pego1.SubsetGradientStyle(0) = PEPGS_RADIAL_BOTTOM_LEFT Pego1.DataPrecision = PEDP_NODECIMALS Pego1.ShowXAxis = PESA_NONE Pego1.ShowYAxis = PESA_GRIDNUMBERS Dim nRows As Integer nRows = Sheet2.UsedRange.Rows.Count – 6 Pego1.Subsets = 1 Pego1.Points = nRows Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To nRows Pego1.YData(0, i) = Sheet2.Cells(7 + i, 3) Next i Pego1.PEactions = REINITIALIZE_RESETIMAGE Pego1.PEactions = INVALIDATE_RECT This code both initializes the chart with settings and passes data. The solution that offers maximum technical/scientific appeal. Like the Graph control, the Scientific Graph control has horizontal and vertical scrolling capabilities.

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Take a Quick Look: Do a Quick Print: Screen pics, WPF .Net Charts Quick How-To: WPF Charting C# C#.Net Chart WinForm Vb.Net Chart WinForm C# Asp.Net Chart WebForm Vb Asp.Net Chart WebForm C# SVG Chart WebForm MS Access Charting MS Excel Charting VB6 MSChart ActiveX MFC Charting Library C++ Win32 Chart Library Delphi Chart VCL C++ Builder Charting Bar Chart C++.Net Real-Time Strip-Chart Latest: v8.0.0.40 what’s new download Sudha M Natarajan: NASA Langley Research Center “This has become a standard plotting tool for us at Mission Operations.” Graph Component Feedback The ideal charting component and tool for technical charts, control charts, instrument data, oscilloscope, strip chart, realtime charts, candlestick – open/high/low/close – financial charts, large-scale business 2D and 3D data visualization and MSChart alternative. Our system will report $3199 but the order will be processed by hand and you’ll receive a pdf invoice with correct price.