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Keytool -list -v -keystore keystore_name -alias alias_name I also get the Binary XML error […] This Android tutorial will help a beginner to start with Google Maps on an Android device. Allows to view, edit, print, save, convert your files. For the details of description on the permissions, refer to . If your app is for internal business use by employees, or if it is not accessible or functional for members of the general public then we consider that a Commercial app.

Speedline Solutions

Before adding a bug or feature request to the Issue Tracker please be sure to check that the bug or feature concerned has not already been added. Copy the library project to the location where you store your Android app projects.

Create API project for our map Android application.

To get you started we’ll guide you through the Google Developers Console to do a few things first: This tutorial shows you how to build an iOS app to: Follow this tutorial to build an iOS app using the , the , and the . Show/Hide the Swift code for MapViewController.Swift. Show/Hide the Swift code for PlacesViewController.Swift. A tiny red aircraft will appear on the map in your application, as seen below: Press the Edit button, and the map view will zoom in to the region you are in and will center the aircraft: Next, test the waypoint feature by tapping wherever you’d like on the map view. In this element, set the class attribute to com.Google.Android.Gms.Maps.StreetViewPanoramaFragment (or SupportStreetViewPanoramaFragment). Let’s add the UI in Main.Storyboard’s RootViewController Scene, as seen below: Once that’s done, open DJIRootViewController.M file, create IBOutlets for the above UI elements and import DJISDK’s header file and implement “DJIFlightControllerDelegate” and “DJISDKManagerDelegate” protocols.


Then, power on the remote controller and the aircraft, in that order. Let’s continue to declare the mMarkers variable first: Then, implement the onMapClick() and markWaypoint() methods as shown below: Here, the onMapClick() method will be invoked when user tap on the Map View. The Map View SDK is not a Royalty Free tool kit and a limited number of Licenses are included for end user distribution with your application with the SDK product you purchase, with additional bulk license packs available for a modest cost – see our web site/price lists for more detailed information.This toolkit as with all our developer kits may not be used to develop Toolkits or Components of any type for use by other non-licensed developers. Note: Four of the web service APIs have an equivalent client-side service available in the JavaScript API: , , , and . You can also easily link to Google Maps for driving directions.

Step 7. Build and run your app

We will then demonstrate how to add waypoints on the map. With more than one billion global monthly active users in over 200 countries, our data gives you accurate real-time information for mapping, navigation and places. [This section requires a browser that supports JavaScript and iframes.] [This section requires a browser that supports JavaScript and iframes.] Lyft uses Google Maps APIs to improve rider experience through more efficient pickups and a better drop-off experience. Open manifest file for your app and add the following tag as a child of the element: You can now start using the Google Play services APIs to develop your project. (3) Obtain API key by referring to : 1.Obtain App Certificate.